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Sweets & Savories
Chopsticks of Ambivalence 1534 W Fullerton
Chicago, IL 60614
Rating: Chopsticks of Ambivalence
Good food but questionable service
Well this was a busy weekend. It all started Friday night when I worked until 11pm. Saturday morning I worked a couple more hours then went to Home Depot to get some paint for my counter and take care of several errands and then managed to make a very small amount of progress on the installation (I drove 10 screws). After that was Weber Grill for dinner followed by a night of Wii Tennis and Karaoke Revolution.

Sunday morning I went to church then went to lunch at Sweets and Savories for lunch with Poyao. The food there was pretty good. For $19 per person for brunch you get a selection of pastries, a beverage (screwdriver, mimosa, wine) a starter (soup, salad, fruit) and a brunch entree (eggs benedict, duck confit hash, bacon risotto and some others). In addition to Sunday brunch, they offer a la carte dinner dining. Dan points out that they have a coupon available on-line for dinner.

Unfortunately, their service was lacking: I felt like we spent a lot of time waiting. The restaurant was only 2/3 full (the restaurant seats about 30 people) but the two members of the wait staff struggled to keep up and I wonder if maybe they were missing someone.

There were three people in our party but the waiter only brought two of us water. He said he would bring a third but never did. He also put in the wrong order for me so when the waitress brought our entrees out, I had to send mine back. Poyao and Stef didn't want to start before me and then we realized that we never received our pastries. Once those finally arrived they got started and my seared salmon benedict came out a few minutes later.

So the food was good but the service kind of put a damper on things. I think the food may warrant a return, but the service prevents me from giving it a better rating. If you want to go, I'd take advantage of the coupon and plan on having a slow paced meal.

After that I drove downtown to check out the PAWS dogs and cats on Oak and Michigan (it took 45 minutes to find parking though). The dogs were SO CUTE, especially an adorable 8 week old black retriever mix that I got to hold while (now that I think about it) several attractive females told me I should adopt him. There were lots of other dogs, from little Pugs to big St. Bernards and Bull Mastiffs.

I got home and managed to fit in a nap, then did a ton of dishes, a batch of laundry and made a bunch of mini earl grey pound cakes. Around 11PM I found out that I had work to do so I worked for 90 minutes on that, then spent an hour balancing my checkbook and paying bills. Around 3AM I had to go out to the ATM, drop off a water bill and send some mail. After getting back I had to take a shower then pack. In 10 minutes my taxi comes to whisk me off to O'hare and Hartford again. Hopefully I can get a couple hours of sleep on the plane.
Posted 06/02/2008 04:34 AM in Chicago, Food, Restaurants, Reviews | Total Comments: (2)
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Sounds like a busy but good time
Oh, and here's that Restaurant.com link I mentioned for Sweets and Savories: http://www.restaurant.com/microsite-gc.asp?rid=320422&mcn=00016181&eb=False
Submitted by Dan on 06/02/2008 04:46 AM

Decent coupon, but not applicable to brunch unfortunately.
Submitted by filbert on 06/02/2008 05:46 AM

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