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Sportsman-like Conduct
This past weekend the Subaru WRC 2008 car, based on the redesigned 5-door Impreza, made it's debut at WRC Acropolis (Greece). The result? Petter Solberg earned second place. To debut a car in one of the most punishing rallies and to pull off second place is impressive.

Rally is an interesting sport and you see some crazy things, but here is an example of good sportsmanship. Due to close running times and dry conditions, Solberg had to race through extremely poor visibility caused by dust kicked up by competitor Mikko Hirvonen. Despite having absolutely no control over it, Hirvonen took the time to apologize to Solberg for the dusty conditions.
Posted 06/03/2008 05:06 PM in Cars, News | Total Comments: (0)
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