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So I've earned some more gift certificates at Lettuce Entertain You so I was looking at their website to see if there were any other fancy restaurants I wanted to try out after Tru and Everest. I thought about Wildfire, but even though it's nice, it's still primarily a steakhouse. First I noticed a recent addition called Pizzeria via Stato. But then I noticed a small entry with just three letters: L2O.

L20 is a brand new fine dining restaurant with a focus on seafood. It opened just three weeks ago on May 14th in Lincoln Park. The most interesting thing for me is the L2O blog where the chef and some of the staff have been sharing information ever since they started renovating the space in December. They have shared pictures of the construction and new dish concepts. They have even shared recipes, techniques and suppliers. It's really nice to see a chef that has embraced technology (e.g. blogging, flickr, youtube) and is willing to open himself up for public scrutiny.

Here's an interesting picture that I like of one of their sashimi dishes. In case you're wondering, yes, there are two types of fish in that picture.

Posted 06/06/2008 05:59 PM in Food, Ramblings, Restaurants | Total Comments: (0)
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