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Rhubarb and Risotto
Next week I get to work from home (unless I get called to Hartford last minute). I decided to go shopping and buy some supplies to cook this weekend and next week. I'm very glad that I did because with summer coming soon, the produce is starting to look good and I was a bit inspired by what I saw.

Specifically, I was inspired by some rhubarb and peaches that I saw so I made a peach rhubarb pie. I finally tried out my new Black & Decker Power Pro II food processor by making a pie crust with it. Unfortunately, I'm quite disappointed with it's performance. Despite the 10 cup capacity advertised on the box, it barely fit the 4.5 cups of flour and 1.5 cups of butter that a double batch of pie dough requires and it took a long time to make it mix, which resulting in an overly mixed dough. I don't have the receipt for it, but I will try to get store credit at Target and upgrade to a better one. That's one problem with shopping at the store: you can't read on-line reviews which may have tipped me off to some issues earlier...

I also made mushroom risotto which turned out awesome. Instead of using regular broth, I used the leftover boiling liquid from both my traditional and Guiness-Brown Sugar corned beef as a base for a mushroom stock. I was worried that the risotto might taste like corned beef but after absorbing into the arborio rice and mixing with sauteed white and crimini mushrooms, butter and some imported Grana Padana Parmagiano, it tasted downright wonderful.

I also got a bag of cherries which I used to make a great big bowl of cherries, cause they're just good on their own.
Posted 06/07/2008 07:26 PM in Cooking, Ramblings, Reviews | Total Comments: (5)
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Black & Blacker
Oh, man... two stars out of five (for that food processor on Amazon)? Sadly enough, that sounds about right, considering how defective Black & Decker's toaster ovens tend to be; I don't think I'll ever buy anything for the kitchen from them again. Also, if my old subscription to Consumer Reports taught me anything, it's that listed capacities from manufacturers rarely match up to the actually usable space, whether with regards to ovens, refrigerators, or washers/dryers. But, yeah... definitely return that Black & Decker if you can.
Submitted by Dan on 06/08/2008 03:09 PM

They won't take it back without a receipt b/c it's over $20, even for store credit. Bummer. Yeah, in general I steer clear of B&D, I'd never buy their power tools... but I guess if I take into account the limited capacity, it should be ok. The main complaint on Amazon was false advertising b/c there'a dough mixing tool listed on the box but apparently it doesn't atually come with it.
Submitted by filbert on 06/08/2008 08:48 PM

I was considering, however, buying a cheap set of (possibly Black & Decker) basic tools that are on sale at Target this week. I need a certain sized socket and a wrench to hold it, and 20 dollars seems cheap enough for a whole lot. Of course, I'll make sure to keep the receipt.
Submitted by Dan on 06/09/2008 02:24 AM

Father's day is coming up, so you may want to check out Sears. Craftsman stuff has a lifetime warranty and if you can find a coupon, they will usually honor it on top of a sale price, which could bring high quality to your price point.
Submitted by filbert on 06/09/2008 01:08 PM

Submitted by 1 on 12/26/2016 03:09 AM

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