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Counter Progress

The original, empty space.

The final design.

The plans for the design.

The completed base frame.

The installed base frame.

The installed counter top.
I've made a lot of progress on my counter top installation. The majority of work was done over Memorial Day weekend when I spent a good 12 hours straight working on it. I was exhausted, but I simply couldn't stop! That weekend I built the entire 2x4 base frame. I put a lot of care into it to make sure it was perfectly level and plumb and square, only to find out that my walls were none of those things and I had to saw off 1/2" pieces of wood all over my base frame to make it fit, and I even had to saw 1/2" off of my 9' long hard rock maple counter top that must weight at least 150 pounds. I tried to enlist help but schedules didn't work out so I had to do a lot of heavy lifting by myself. I think I lost weight that weekend!

The following weekend I attached the base to the wall and attached the counter to the base. I also started installing drywall. I had plenty of other glitches that slowed things down, such as what to do about an outlet that would be hidden by the counter. I also had additional design decisions to make, like exactly how to arrange the new space that I was building.

This weekend I installed the rest of the dry wall, the protective corner beads, an adjustable depth ring to extend the outlet (aptly nick-named a "goof ring") and started the three day process of mudding (applying drywall joint compound) the many corners and seams. Since I'm in town this week I'll be able to finish that up during my evenings at home.

I've been to Home Depot at least a dozen times to look at ideas and to get new supplies and new tools and to make exchanges. I'm sure I'll be making at least three more trips. I could easily cut that in half if I planned ahead and bought everything at once but I prefer to do it as I go in case things change (which they usually do). Even so, the end is finally in sight.

The tasks I have left are:
  • Finish applying mud (2 days)
  • Primer (1 day)
  • Paint (1 day)
  • Build and install sliding shelves (1 day)
  • Trim and install moulding (1 day)
  • Clean the gimongous mess(1 day)
So I'm looking at completion in the next week or two. Here are a few pictures of the progress so far. Total cost so far has been $97.61 for supplies, $83.44 for new tools, totaling $181.05 so far (plus tax). In the end I'm guessing that I will spend about $300 total. Hiring someone to do all of this probably would have been a couple thousand bucks.

Posted 06/09/2008 07:01 PM in DIY, Pictures, Woodworking | Total Comments: (1)
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It's coming together
Sliding shelves -- a great idea. DIY can really pay off (especially when you don't count your hours of labor & prep).
Submitted by Dan on 06/10/2008 02:39 AM

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