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Weekend Update
Friday night I was totally lazy. I didn't even work on my counter because new work keeps popping up and I was just feeling lazy. I was hoping to finish the counter on Thursday but I found out that one of my drawers didn't fit correctly so I knew I would have to spend time trimming it to fit. Then I had an issue with some of the trim not fitting properly because of a design flaw. I also failed to account for time prepping the pieces (sanding, paint and polyurethane).

Saturday I finally got back to work. I trimmed the drawer with my router, sanded it and applied the first coat of polyurethane. I bought new trim and poly'd that and put a first coat of paint on the baseboards before installing it.

Tomorrow I'll be sanding all the poly pieces and putting the second coat on. I also have to re-paint the baseboards. After that, I think I'll be able to install the last drawer and the trim and I'll finally be done!
Posted 06/22/2008 01:28 AM in Ramblings, Woodworking | Total Comments: (0)
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