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L2O, here I come!
My parents are planning to visit Chicago over Independence Day Weekend so I'm going to treat them to L2O, which has been getting some good reviews including this review from Hungry Magazine that thinks L2O deserves three Michelin stars.

If you don't know, the Michelin Guide is a French fine dining guide that is renowned world wide for it's high caliber restaurants and scrutinizing reviewers. In 2005, only 54 restaurants achieved the maximum 3 stars in the entire world. In case you're wondering if there's any relation to Michelin tires, they are owned by the same company, officially named Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin

The question for me right now is whether to request a tatami room. Tatami rooms are private rooms where patrons receive a dedicated staff and special 14-20 course meal for $225 per person (standard meals are a la carte, 4 course for $110 and 12 course for $165). After tax and gratuity, the tatami rooms come to about $300 per person. Pretty steep. Maybe I should stick with 12 course meals that will come to about $215 per person.

The main reason I can afford this is because of my AmEx points and a gift I got from work which I again redeemed for Lettuce Entertain You gift certificates.
Posted 06/29/2008 08:31 PM in Food, Ramblings, Restaurants | Total Comments: (10)
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MN, RM, and points galore
Points-based rewards programs are pretty awesome (I finally made that Rock Band for 360 order the other week). Now L2O may not be my style of restaurant, but I do appreciate Michael Nagrant's accessible writing style both in Hungry Mag and Newcity. As for Rich Melman and his LEYE empire, any thoughts on the place his two sons are opening up (Hub 51 in River North)?
Submitted by Dan on 06/29/2008 11:12 PM

I've heard about it but haven't read much since I've been drooling over L2O. I'll definitely try it out some time though.
Submitted by filbert on 06/30/2008 08:17 PM

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