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CLEARing Airport Security
Since I've been talking about airport security, I suppose it's about time to talk about the CLEAR Card. It's a TSA approved traveler registration program that requires personal information, biometric information (fingerprint and retina scan) and a $128 annual fee. Currently it allows customers to speed through security primarily by skipping the security line, which isn't that different from elite airline membership levels. However, they are working to introduce lanes with special equipment to expedite the scanning process as well. There are also promotions such as a free introductory membership for Hyatt Gold Passport members at the Platinum or Diamond level or 1,000 bonus miles for Delta SkyMiles members.

The CLEAR program was been piloted and rolled out primarily on the east coast but they have been expanding ever since. There are currently 20 participating airports across the US, though some will not be active until later this year. Some airports only support itin specific terminals or at specific times but from those willing to give up personal information, CLEAR has received good reviews.

The one bummer is that no Chicago airport has decided to implement the program yet otherwise I would consider signing up. Here are a couple articles about it: OhMyGov.com | Road & Travel
Posted 06/28/2008 10:36 PM in Ramblings, Travel | Total Comments: (0)
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