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Drive a BMW Alpina B7 to support breast cancer research
BMW's 12th annual Ultimate Drive to support the Susan G. Komen foundation is coming soon. For every mile you drive in one of their cars, they will donate $1. Much like past years, their goal is to have people drive a total of 1 million miles to bring their 12 year total donation to $12 million.

Last time I went you could pick any two BMWs to drive so I drove the Z4 and 325i w/ Sport Package for two 6 mile drives. This year they will also have the new X3 and X6 available to drive. If you're interest in trying out a BMW while supporting a good cause, check out the BMW Ultimate Drive site.

There are events throughout the week and weekend, depending on which BMW dealer you go to. It looks like the weekend slots are filling up quickly with only X3 and X5 slots still available so I opted for the Friday event at Patrick BMW in Schaumburg and signed up to drive a 650Cic and an Alpina B7. Sweet.

One note, they've put in new age requirements. You must be 21 to drive any regular car, 25 to drive nicer cars (e.g. 5, 6 and 7 series) and 30 to drive the Alpina. I guess age has SOME benefits.
Posted 06/28/2008 02:29 AM in Cars | Total Comments: (2)
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i ended up picking the x5 and 750li. they didn't have the alpina b7 to choose from. i chose suntrup. autohaus they just give you one, they didn't give any choices.
Submitted by wynne on 06/28/2008 11:50 AM

Yeah, pickings are a bit slim in St. Louis, plus your event is in just 2 weeks so I'm sure it's almost filled up.
Submitted by filbert on 06/28/2008 02:14 PM

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