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My counter is officially done.
The last picture I posted was attaching the counter top. After semi-diligently working evenings and weekends for the last couple weeks, I've finally finished everything (except cleaning). Here are some key progress pictures. As usual, I've documented way too much if you're interested in the details.

Drywall Mud, Primer, Paint & Tracks

Baseboards, Trim & Drawers, Organized Drawers

I'm quite happy with the counter, especially the extra storage space which will clear up a few spots on my old counter. Next I just need to get some wine racks and other accessories to spruce it up.
Posted 06/30/2008 08:29 PM in Pictures, Woodworking | Total Comments: (1)
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On a good well done
Congrats on finishing up the project, Fil! I've been doing some rearranging at home, too, but that mainly entails throwing out (well, mainly recycling) a lot of boxes and papers I don't need anymore. Gotta love the extra space.
Submitted by Dan on 07/01/2008 08:06 PM

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