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Free envelopes for life
In the last year I have noticed a change in the envelopes that I get from my banks, credit cards, etc. The envelopes used to be highly customized with designs, ads and special offers.

Recently, the envelopes have been getting more and more simple. In fact most envelopes I receive now are only customized with the mailing address. But I've also started getting plain blank envelopes. I attribute this to cost-cutting measures.

So I essentially get free envelopes every week. If an address is there, I can always put a blank label over it. I also get free return address labels from various promotions so the only thing I ever need is stamps. Of course, most things I pay on-line so I tend to build up very large piles of envelopes...
Posted 07/03/2008 04:10 PM in Ramblings | Total Comments: (1)
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Free envelopes are nice
Using return-address labels sounds good, but a lot of these envelopes seem destined to end up in a recycling bin. I wonder if any charities would accept envelope donations (with just envelopes being donated).
Submitted by Dan on 07/03/2008 04:42 PM

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