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Rents and Ribs
My parents came in early last night so I took them to San for dinner.

Today we went to the Garfield Park Conservatory which was a very nice garden that is primarily indoors (in a huge greenhouse). We found all the areas pretty interesting, whether it be the palm room, fern room, sensory garden or the "Sugar from the sun," exhibit. Since it was a holiday and we went fairly early (11AM) parking was extremely easy and free. Since it is run by the Chicago Park District admission was free as well, though we did leave a small donation since we enjoyed it quite a bit.

For lunch we went to Joy Yee's in Chinatown, only to turn around and head straight to the Naperville Ribfest which is a huge food fair focusing on barbecue. Since we arrived earlier at 4:00 it was not too crowded which was nice, and much better than the Taste, IMHO. With the dinner rush starting at 5:00 and the Naperville fireworks planned for 9:30, we elected to leave before it got too packed. Naperville's Ribfest is much better than the Lincoln Park ribfest that I went to a few years ago with Ben.

Since we weren't that hungry due to our late lunch, we only tried three of seventeen rib vendors. The first was Armadillo's Rib and Que Company which we weren't too impressed with. I found the ribs, which appeared to be St. Louis short ribs, to be over charred and a bit on the lean side.

The second was Sweet Baby Ray's which is the same company that makes the bottled bbq sauce you can find in grocery stores (at least around here). Sweet Baby Ray's originated in Chicago and has two restaurants locally. Again we got St. Louis ribs and we found them to be tastier, meatier and tenderer (yes, I know that's not a real word).

The third was Pigfoot b/c we overheard some other folks talking about them. Their ribs are extremely meaty and they have their special Applelicious sauce, in addition to their sweet, mild, hot and killer sauces. I tried each of their sauces and liked them overall. Killer didn't taste that special, but it did have a good lingering kick. Mild didn't leave much of an impression either. I liked the sweet but thought I didn't want too sweet a sauce, so the two I went with were the hot and Applelicious. Unfortunately, we were full so I've still got the half rack of Pigfoot ribs in the fridge and will probably have them for lunch tomorrow.
Posted 07/04/2008 11:34 PM in Food, Ramblings, Restaurants, Reviews | Total Comments: (0)
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