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Recently I've noticed myself running my mouth off a lot more frequently. I was having dinner with a new team member in Hartford and I found myself constantly talking about this and that and no doubt boring her in an attempt to reduce any awkward silences. Even after I realized I was doing it, it just kept coming out, like word vomit.

Even since then I've noticed it a few more times with other new team members. Why am I doing that? Am I starting to like the sound of my own voice? I don't think so. And I realize that I may be saying things that people don't want to hear. Am I trying to draw attention or trying to make myself known instead of being a wall-flower? Maybe...
Posted 08/30/2008 02:57 AM in Ramblings, Work | Total Comments: (2)
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Vomit of the mouth
Sometimes a naturally flowing conversation can be a really great thing with people you've just met, but if you think you're saying things people might not want to hear, it might be best to consider your words more carefully before letting them loose on others. (The whole slow-to-speak, quick-to-listen thing...) 'Course, sometimes people need to hear things that aren't so pleasant, but that doesn't always work for new acquaintances.
Submitted by Dan on 08/30/2008 01:42 PM

One of the things I taught myself when I was young was to tell myself to shut up sometimes. There are definitely people out there that still need to learn that for themselves...
Submitted by filbert on 08/30/2008 02:57 PM

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