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Airline Baggage Woes
The carry-on bag situation continues to deteriorate as more airlines are starting to charge more for checked baggage. With some airlines now charging for even a single checked bag, more and more people are trying to carry their bags on and trying to carry on fuller and larger bags. On this morning's flight the overhead bins filled up before boarding group 2 was completed. The number of people attempting to rearrange bags in futility was much larger than normal and I fear it will only get worse.

The only consolation is that United saw that I was flying almost every week and gave me a "trial" upgrade to elite status which works out to receiving elite status about a month earlier than expected. Of course that means that I'm exempt from some of the new baggage fees, I get to board with group one and I have access to Economy Plus seating. That's a good thing since it looks like I'll be stuck on United for quite a while...
Posted 08/04/2008 08:09 PM in Travel | Total Comments: (0)
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