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Is gas cheap again?
In the last month, as gas prices have eased a little bit, interesting auto sales numbers have come in. Manufacturers have found that sales for small cars have actually slowed down. Now that gas prices have come down a little, it seems people are getting a little more optimistic. It will take a little more time to see if this is a trend, but it seems that it may be harder than expected for Americans to change their buying habits.

This bugs me though. Do people think that gas prices are going to continue to drop? If that is indeed the trend, I hope people aren't expecting to see $2 gas any time soon. This is the same typical behavior that got us into the housing market situation. People are not looking long term: they see deals and make impulsive decisions. Then, a year or two later, they complain about rising prices and have trouble making ends meet.

I'm pretty impulsive too, but if increasing gas prices means someone cannot afford to drive their gas guzzling vehicle, then that is some pretty poor financial planning. And if someone sees gas prices easing up a little and thinks that puts them in the clear to purchase an inefficient car, they'll get no sympathy from me if gas prices go back up.
Posted 08/18/2008 00:14 AM in Cars, Ramblings | Total Comments: (1)
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That's rlealy thinking out of the box. Thanks!
Submitted by uSvyesdMsUXPvTerIi on 04/22/2011 01:01 PM

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