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No Reservations
I'm trying to make reservations for dinner when I'm passing through London on my way to and from my family's Mediterranean cruise. First on the list is Le Manoir aux Quat'Saison (2 Michelin stars) by Raymond Blanc, a celebrity Chef in the UK and host of Last Restaurant Standing (simply The Restaurant in the UK). Alas, Le Manoir has no reservations available because they reserve ALL seats for guest residents at Le Manoir hotel. I'm on the waiting list and at the mercy of whether a resident decides to cancel.

The second restaurant is Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (3 Michelin stars). Apparently, only three chefs currently have three Michelin stars in the UK. Per instructions, I called exactly 2 months ahead of the date and at 2:00PM UK time, the only slot left was at 10:00pm. Like many fine dining restaurants, they require a credit card to secure the reservation. The no-show fee is a whopping 150GBP ($280) instead of the standard $50 around Chicago.

My next task is to decide where to eat lunch, perhaps a famous London Fish and Chips establishment. I also need to figure out what to do about Le Manoir which is in Oxford. If I cannot get a reservation there, then that affects my hotel options. Perhaps I will go to another Ramsay restaurant such as Pétrus (two stars), Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's (one star), Maze (one star). If I'm not in the mood for a Michelin rated restaurant, perhaps I'll check out the slightly relaxed Boxwood Cafe or just drop by Plane Food at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 to see if I there's such a thing as decent airport food.

BTW, here are a couple handy links. To quickly determine exchange rates I usually use x-rates.com. And for calling internationally, I discovered this International Dialing Code at timeanddate.com which also provides many other international planning tools such as times and dates (obviously).
Posted 08/16/2008 11:03 PM in Food, Restaurants, Travel, United Kingdom | Total Comments: (2)
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Love the detailed planning!
...And good luck on getting your reservations!
Submitted by Dan on 08/17/2008 00:27 AM

You should see the spreadsheet I put together... I'll post it in a little bit.
Submitted by filbert on 08/18/2008 06:32 AM

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