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United Air Lines
It's been really interesting to observe the waiting lines at United. It was pointed out to me by a director and other people have noticed it as well. For whatever reason, the passengers who fly United are especially bad at lining up early and crowding the lines regardless of whether their boarding group is up. It happens on others but not to the extent I've seen at United.

10-15 minutes before boarding, United announces that they will start boarding in 10-15 minutes. They also display this on their status screens. At that moment people start crowding the gate. I don't get it. I'd much rather sit and relax while I wait for my group number to be called than stand with my bags for 15 minutes, especially if it won't let me board any faster.

The result of all this crowding is that people who cannot board invariably block the people who can board, making the boarding experience that much more inefficient and annoying, especially now that I've earned elite status and have to weave through all the people that have bunched up.
Posted 08/19/2008 10:14 PM in Travel | Total Comments: (0)
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