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Rebel Without a Case
For the last couple years I've been pretty frustrated by the poor low light performance of my Sony W50 digicam. I also tried a Canon SD250 which was equally poor in low light. Surprisingly, my old Canon (A200?) that ran on AA batteries was better than both of of them in those situations.

Since the abysmal performance of my W50 at the dimly lit L2O (one of the reasons that I ended up with no pictures) I've been looking for an entry level DSLR (digital single lens reflex). Based on various reviews and some recommendations from Yone, I've finally settled on a Canon Digital Rebel since the dim light performance seems to be much better than similarly priced Sonys and a little better than Nikons.

Of course, the newest generation is the best as it comes with an Image Stabilization lens. There are two options in this area, the one year old XSi and the 2 week old XS. The XSi is slightly higher than the XS but being a year old, prices are actually comparable so I've been looking for XSi prices.

I've looked on ebay (where people seem to be buying cameras for more than they are being sold on-line) as well as Buy Dig, New Egg, Costco, Amazon and Dell which seem to be at the forefront of price cutting. The interesting thing is that when I started looking, the XSi was pretty much going for $799. Since then, Yone showed me a DealNews offer for $699. Shortly after that, all the other vendors started dropping prices on a daily basis until they reached about $670 (most likely due to the release of the XS).

Unfortunately, prices actually went back up and settled between 687 and 719 with various combinations of free shipping or memory cards. Then last week, a new deal was announced at Dell: the XSi with lens and free shipping for $589. Alas, this great deal sold out within hours, before I had a chance to act on it. Since then I've been watching prices every day and nothing has budged. After checking prices Sunday morning and seeing no changes, I just about gave up hope for another price drop before my family vacation in October (I need a couple weeks lead time to place an order).

Sunday night, I checked again and Amazon dropped the price from $699 to $679. I was hoping this would spur another round of price drops or deals and perhaps this week will be a good time to order but after checking prices again today, several merchants raised their prices again back to $699, including Amazon. Sneaky. The only vendor that hasn't raised prices yet is BuyDig where it is $687.90. Oh well. Eventually I'll find a deal and pull the trigger. Then I just have to pick out a bag or case for the camera...
Posted 08/25/2008 07:19 PM in Geek Stuff, Pictures, Shopping | Total Comments: (12)
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It's back...
With live.com 15% cashback, it comes down to $595 with free shipping and no tax except for NY. (Make sure you use a live.com link!) Still in stock...
Submitted by Dan on 08/27/2008 09:16 PM

...and the link:
Uh, to be sent via e-mail (see JR.com).
Submitted by Dan on 08/27/2008 09:17 PM

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