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Cops Galore
Driving down to St. Louis this weekend I saw a huge amount of cops. Even more than last year. Friday I saw five cops waiting to catch people and a few that had already pulled cars over. Coming home Sunday there were three waiting to catch people and few that pulled cars over.

On the last leg of my trip on 355N I noticed an unmarked car on the south-bound shoulder. I thought I was safe because it was on the other side, but that was actually a trap. Immediately after that, I saw a cop coming down the north bound ramp. He accelerated hard and swung over to the left lane behind a van that had just passed me. He turned on his lights to pull over the van just as we rounded a bend where I saw five other cars and cops on the side of the road. Good thing I was only going 65!
Posted 09/01/2008 01:59 AM in St. Louis, Travel | Total Comments: (1)
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All of these articles have saved me a lot of hadeacehs.
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