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Added tags to my site
Ok, I spent a few hours implementing basic tags so that my blarghs can be categorized. You'll see a list of all tags on the right and hopefully, as time goes on, the most popular tags will appear larger. I still need to implement pagination at some point and support for uncategorized posts, but I'll worry about that when it becomes an issue. Also, I've only tagged this months blarghs... I might work on doing the rest of 2008, but that might be my limit. Otherwise, let me know if there's any strange behavior on the site.
Posted 09/18/2008 11:27 PM in Geek Stuff | Total Comments: (5)
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Yeah, easy access to previous pages would be good, but adding categories and tags was a nice touch.
Submitted by Dan on 09/18/2008 11:48 PM

Previous page access is available using the monthly links at the top of the page. The pagination will come into play more with categories b/c there's no natural delimiter of time or posts.
Submitted by filbert on 09/19/2008 00:13 AM

easy peasy
Monthly links are what I used when I needed to catch up with filtsai.com in the past, but it's just not as easy as that single previous-page click to get to that sixth entry which just made it off the front page (especially on any post-filled month). The RSS feed makes it a bit easier for recent posts, but the convenience of seeing just the next posts I missed on the front page (and not having to find my place again in any given month) is what appeals to me in a front-page option.
Submitted by Dan on 09/19/2008 06:09 PM

Pagination sucks to implement unfortunately.
Submitted by filbert on 09/20/2008 01:12 AM

Submitted by 1 on 08/10/2016 02:16 AM

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