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I'm a sad tourist
I've been trying to find some info on eating in Alexandria. I understand that Egypt is not well known for it's culinary delights and that it is generally a poor country, but I'm a little surprised how tough it's been. While there are some traditional restaurant recommendations on-line, there aren't as many as I expected. Just look at this pitiful list of top restaurants to eat at in Alexandria according to tripadvisor.com

I'm saddened that four of the top ten restaurants are American chains and even more saddened that one of them somehow earned the number one spot.
Posted 09/21/2008 06:47 PM in Food, Restaurants, Travel, Turkey | Total Comments: (1)
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Fuddruckers...hahaha, ROTFL Ok, I'm sorry....do you have any kick ass coffee places in Chicago?
Submitted by Jessica@Foodmayhem on 09/23/2008 12:02 PM

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