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Karoshi is a Japanese word that basically translates as, "death from overwork." It's not a specific disease but rather a phenomenon of heart attacks and strokes that are generally attributed to excessive stress, especially shocking when it occurs among younger workers with no previous history of health problems.

The phenomenon of Karoshi is most apparent and recognized in Japan due to their strong work ethic post WWII. Statistics have suggested that the average Japanese worker works two hours of overtime per day, often not paid. I don't know the exactly numbers but since a typical Japanese day is probably 9 hours a day and often times a half day on Saturday as well, that could easily mean 60 hours of work in a normal week.

Hey, wait a minute... why does that work schedule sound so familiar?
Posted 03/26/2009 07:21 PM in Japan, Ramblings, Work | Total Comments: (0)
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