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Dragonfruit IceBreakers

A picture of fresh Dragonfruit.

My new favorite gum.
Earlier this year, Hershey's Ice Breakers released a new gum called Ice Cubes. The gimmick is that they are coated with a thin coat of xylitol, a sweetener that also produces a cooling sensation.

The cooling sensation is nice, but my favorite part is the flavor crystals, which are actually a mix of tiny flavor filled balls and little chunks of sugar that are distributed throughout the gum. I like to chew the gum and use my tongue to pick out the little bits and chew on them for extra bursts of flavor (this is a great way to waste time when you're bored, for instance when sitting on a plane).

Previously I tried the Raspberry Sorbet, Spearmint and Kiwi Watermelon flavors (they also have Peppermint). I liked the raspberry the best until last weekend when I was at Caputo's and saw an interesting new flavor: Dragonfruit Freeze. I was quite surprised because not many people know what dragonfruit is so I bought it to give it a try. This gum tastes like a combination of tropical fruits such as guava and passionfruit. I can't quite remember what a real dragonfruit tastes like, so I do not know how faithful it is or if it's supposed to be a blend of flavors, but I do know that it is now my favorite gum.

Posted 11/10/2008 02:15 AM in Food, Reviews, Snacks | Total Comments: (2)
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I get tired of gum too easily
If only those flavor crystals stayed sweet and sugary a lot longer...
Submitted by Dan on 11/10/2008 03:18 AM

And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me srtaihgt.
Submitted by fvAMohnTfzYKx on 10/11/2012 09:57 AM

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