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Luxury Movie Theatre open near me

The Arboretum will have America's second Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinema, an upscale luxury movie theatre complete with server call buttons and reclining leather seats (they have several locations in Australia). Tickets cost $32 but they offer gourmet food options. If you're looking for a deal, take advantage of their free martini Quantum of Solace offer. If luxury is your thing, then splurge for the $99 Coke Zero Bond Package (PDF Flyer) or the $149 Bond Package(PDF Flyer) which include drinks and dinner.

The Arboretum will also have Sur La Table, a chocolate cafe and a Japanese restaurant. Just down the street at Prairie Hill mall (I90 and 59) they have been opening up new shops as well. They first opened two years ago with Petco, BW3, Claim Jumper and several others, but this year they've expanded and almost doubled in size with Sports Authority, another Jimmy John's and more. Of course, I still have to check out Cabela's in more detail some time, and perhaps review their in-store restaurant that serves various game meats.
Posted 10/25/2008 12:34 PM in Movies, Shopping | Total Comments: (2)
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A luxe multiplex
Just saw a full-page ad for it in the Tribune the other day. The ticket pricing further justifies splurging on a home theater in my opinion, but the demand for a more upscale cineplex is probably out there -- even with (or because) the economy in the dumps.
Submitted by Dan on 10/25/2008 02:11 PM

This article achieved exlcaty what I wanted it to achieve.
Submitted by EVhwVVziw on 08/26/2011 07:07 PM

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