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American Dodgeball Association of America
Saturday a bunch of people went to Yone's birthday at the Windy City Fieldhouse and played dodgeball. We had pretty good participation with up to 14 people on the field at a time.

There wasone time where I decided to run and dive for a ball and roll out of the way of any incoming balls. It didn't work and I was hit mid roll, which makes me think that in all those gun fights you see, running and rolling or diving for cover is a pretty bad idea. But I guess it looks good on film...

Anyway, I'm totally sore from sprinting for balls and throwing a lot... the worst is probably my quads because everytime I stand up or take the stairs I can feel it, but part of my back is sore too... Ah, the signs of age...
Posted 01/26/2009 09:22 AM in Excercise, Games | Total Comments: (0)
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