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Common Courtesy
Generally, I don't get mad at people, but sometimes I do get a bit annoyed. For instance, I have a friend who cancelled dinner plans at the last minute. I was a bit annoyed since I had beeen cooking dinner, but that's ok because I still had to eat. This person apologized but then asked if I was mad at them. I didn't really have a problem with the cancellation because I understand that things happen. But strangely enough it was the tone of asking if I was mad that really annoyed me. The person actually feared that I might be mad and the funny thing is that this person had those same fears 10 years ago. It seems strange that after all those years this person doesn't seem to have grown in any way and is still afraid of people being mad. I dunno, am I being too critical?

Then there's another person who seems to have made a habit of making me wait. When giving rides, I've never waited less than five minutes for this person (it's gone all the way up to 20). Most people I give rides to are ready and waiting, especially since I usually call before I arrive. Of course things happen sometimes that delay us but it's pretty much guaranteed to wait for this person despite past requests for improvements and promises to be better. The funny thing is that this person hates waiting around and wasting time, but apparently it's ok to waste other people's time.

Even worse, we'll set up a time to do something and the person will bail on our plans. But unlike the first person I mentioned, I won't even get a cancellation. Well, ok, I do get a cancellation but it won't be until several hours later b/c they were too tired to tell me or something like that. But this is a pattern, not an occasional occurance. I mean, am I just totally crazy to expect someone to inform me that they're bailing on me?
Posted 02/17/2009 10:52 PM in Ramblings | Total Comments: (4)
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sorry to hear =( also i'm kinda behind, but i meant to respond to your twitter about the avis weekends, when do they expire? i was thinking you could use them maybe for a weekend in stl, or we could visit tash in baltimore, not sure how far that is from hartford...
Submitted by caroline on 02/20/2009 11:42 AM

I have them expiring in Feb, Mar, May and Jun. Baltimore should be easy from Hartford...
Submitted by Phil on 02/20/2009 06:09 PM

Oh, and I have Marriott and Hilton points that I should get rid of too...
Submitted by Phil on 02/20/2009 06:11 PM

THX that's a great anwser!
Submitted by tlpKleoAROAKEq on 08/26/2011 12:20 PM

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