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Japanese Foie Gras
I keep hearing east coasters talk about how seafood on the east coast is so good and how it's too bad that I live in Chicago. I don't know what they're talking about, there's tons of good seafood in Chicago and being centrally located means we can get fresh fish from both coasts. I have no doubt that seafood in New York and Boston is excellent but Hartford remains the blight of the east coast in this regard as well. I eat sushi fairly regularly in Hartford but the quality and variety just isn't that good.

On the other hand, last year I found Sakuma, a nice sushi restaurant in a strip mall near my home. I had a sudden craving for some good sushi on Saturday so I returned to Sakuma and was pleasantly surprised again.

This week they had a new special with Japanese delicacy called Ankimo. It is sometimes called "Japanese foie gras" and is a specially prepared, seasoned, sake washed Monkfish liver.

The dish was basically ankimo wrapped in unagi and drizzled with terriyaki sauce, pretty simple. I took my first bite and with the distinct unagi and sauce flavor, I couldn't really taste the ankimo, so I had a piece on it's own. It did not taste like a typical liver and tasted more like other Asian roasted fish eggs such as salted mullet roe a.k.a. karasumi except it was soft and tender. I thought it was quite good.
Posted 04/06/2009 08:01 AM in Food, Japan, Restaurants, Reviews | Total Comments: (13)
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