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Taxing taxes
I've got to applaud my tax accountant for putting up with me. I use my parents' accountant because he's located in southern Illinois so he's familiar with Illinois taxes but he charges St. Louis rates instead of Chicago rates. Since I've used him ever since I graduated from college, he knows all my tax history too.

Now, every year I vow to get my taxes to him before April and every year I fail. This year was probably my worst. I had all my document prepared by 4/4 and planned to FedEx them to my accountant on 4/6, but I kept forgetting with all the fires at work and didn't send it until 4/10, with Saturday delivery.

That means my accountant got my documents on Sat 4/11 and had to do my taxes (Federal plus three states) by Monday 4/13 so I could get them today, sign the forms and have them ready to send tomorrow. Luckily my taxes are relatively simple (aside from the multiple states).

With federal, three states and FedEx Priority Overnight (8AM) shipping my accountant fees were $190 (my highest ever). I know people who have gone to H&R Block with two states and been charged $200 for some random accountant and I know that Deloitte charges $250 for two states. So $190 is not a bad deal for the assurance of using a familiar accountant who puts up with my procrastination...

The next challenge is actually getting my tax return filed on time. I had everything shipped to my hotel in Connecticut so I could take it to the post office, but I have a balance due for Connecticut but I don't have my checks with me. So I'm going to have to withdraw some cash and get a cashier's check during lunch tomorrow. Luckily I things have managed to settle down a little bit at work this week.
Posted 04/14/2009 10:43 PM in Finances, Ramblings | Total Comments: (3)
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Hey, who's your accountant?
Submitted by Caroline on 04/15/2009 02:09 PM

You probably have an answer to this, but would it be any easier to do them online? I tried it this year and it was smooth sailing. Then again, my taxes are super simple.
Submitted by Jen on 04/28/2009 10:01 AM

Last time I did it on-line, they calculated a $200 refund. My accountant got me $1200. Plus, only one state or federal is free on-line, but when you have multiple states, the pain and price adds up.
Submitted by filbert on 04/28/2009 08:12 PM

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