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Fan Financials
The electrician came by and based on the wiring in my home, which isn't in a convenient spot, the work will require drilling laterally through a ceiling runner. That will require punching a hole in my ceiling to drill the hole and fish a power line then hiring a drywaller to patch and paint the ceiling. The total estimate comes to about $575, almost twice the price of the actual fan. Is it worth it?
Posted 04/22/2009 06:48 PM in Home, Shopping | Total Comments: (4)
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Is it worth it?
Depends on how much you think you'll save on electricity/AC in the long run, I guess. I suppose an extensive set of reflective drapes and blinds don't do much to help?
Submitted by Dan on 04/29/2009 11:47 PM

it won't save me any electricity b/c I've already turned the thermostat up, it will just help me not be miserable! :) I wish i could just put big mirrors up in my windows to reflect the light back out, but it's really the entire wall that gets warm and it stays quite warm through the night too.
Submitted by filbert on 05/02/2009 04:59 PM

The solution
Install solar panels on the outside of your home's (sunny/sun-setting) side with double insulation to prevent any electrical heat from warming your home further during the summer months (and also power the A/C inside). Go green!
Submitted by Dan on 05/03/2009 10:56 PM

Not allowed by my association. :(
Submitted by filbert on 05/04/2009 10:06 PM

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