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G1 Power User Group Journal Entry 1
General thoughts on the G1
  • Cupcake - Where is my Android 1.5 (codename: Cupcake) update? It's got a bunch of nice features to help bring it in line with the iPhone. People on-line have reported receiving their updates over-the-air (OTA) and tons of apps in the Market have been updated to support the new features. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything yet. T-Mobile, I want my Cupcake!
  • E-mail & Chat - I have Gmail, Yahoo and work e-mail set up now, along with AIM, Yahoo IM and Google Talk. I have different sounds set up for them too, so I can hear immediately if work needs me... I tried setting up work e-mail using the default e-mail client with POP3 and IMAP but couldn't get it to work since I didn't know what ports to use. That could be a set-up issue or Deloitte may not allow those protocols. Instead, my work e-mail is set up through Moxier Mail (see app info below).
  • Accessories - I ordered a slightly larger 1400 mAh Seidio battery (OEM is 1150 or 1200mAh) and that helps by boosting battery life 10-20% while fitting in the same space. This makes it much easier to go an entire day with moderate use, without charging. I also picked up a thin, rubberized hard case from Seidio. It's only about 1mm thick, which is thin compared to most hard cases. It has a nice matte rubberized surface (similar to the matte finish on the black G1) that gives me a little extra protection without being too intrusive. I also have a screen protector.
  • GPS - I've basically retired my Garmin Nuvi because of the G1. It doesn't have good turn-by-turn navigation yet but I'm sure it's coming.(one company offers it but wants to charge a monthly fee which is absurd). My main issue is how to mount the G1 in the car. I could buy a kit on-line, but since it uses the same power source as the Nuvi and I already have the Nuvi mounting kit I figured I'd just make my own attachment. I'm planning to finish that this weekend.
  • Crashes - I've noticed about once a month, my phone has a hard crash and I have to remove the battery before it will restart. Even worse, almost once a week I'll have a soft crash where the hardware/BIOS stays on, but the Android O/S restarts, requiring me to re-enter my SIM card PIN. Hopefully Cupcake will fix that.
  • Android Market (on phone) - There are tons of apps coming out nowadays and trying to browse through them on a phone can be tough. Also, you can only browse apps by most popular and most recent. What if I want an app that is medium popularity and not that recent? Search is useful, but only if you know what the app you're looking for is called. It might be nice to separate free apps from pay apps as well. I know there are some Market updates in Cupcake but I'm not sure what they are
  • Android Market (on web) - The Android Market website only features the top apps, though it does separate free and pay apps. Ideally I'd like to be able to search the whole app inventory on the website and read reviews, then I can search for it on my phone when I know what I want to download.

Those are my general thoughts on the G1 today. On to the apps!
  • Moxier Mail | Installed | Free Beta Version - MS Exchange Mail Client, missing contacts and calendar sync, otherwise it's a nice clean e-mail reader that supports all basic tasks. Supports ActiveSync push mail via Outlook Web Access (OWA), variable pull and "business" mode that pushes during business hours but pulls at night. The app notifies you way too often when these modes are invoked. New mail notifications do not list the number of new messages, which would be nice. So far, recommended for a simple e-mail client but will need to compare with some of the other pay apps out now.
  • BreadCrumbz | Uninstalled | Good idea but I don't go anywhere interesting enough to make use of it.
  • TTS | Installed & Uninstalled | Text-to-Speech codecs. Shows promise, would like to see it integrated with a GPS system to provide turn-by-turn navigation
  • Speaking Pad | Installed & Uninstalled | Notepad interface to utilize TTS codecs, but not really needed without any real functionality
  • SimStapler | Installed & Uninstalled | Virtual Stapler, purely for fun and the author knows it (though some reviewers don't seem to get it). Would like to see it make use of the accelerometer though.
  • Ruger-SR9mm, SchottGunn and AK-47 | Installed & Uninstalled | Virtual weapons, just for fun. The shotgun supports pump action reloading, the AK-47 fires in automatic mode when you shake the phone, the 9mm plays the sound of empty casings falling to the ground.
  • Punch-O-Meter | Installed & Uninstalled | Measures the G-forces of your punch, but it's just asking for you to accidently throw your phone across the room which would be no good
  • Wrath of the Fungi | Installed & Uninstalled | Simple multi-player puzzle game, entertaining but too simple after a while
  • CrystalFour 3D | Installed | Essentially 3D ConnectFour with decent graphics. Good time killer, but probably won't stay.
  • Mini Android Defense | Installed | Tower defense game. UI is ok, but a bit drab and controls could be tweaked to be a bit more responsive. Nice challenge but I probably won't keep it long.
  • Robo Defense FREE | Installed | Another tower defense game, but I like this one much more as it's more real-time and provides multiple upgrade paths as well as achievements (e.g. finish a level without damage) to gain additional bonuses. I might actually pay for the full version of this.

Coming up next week, more MS Exchange clients, MS Office apps, DynoMight in-car dynamometer (for measuring vehicle performance) and probably more games.
Posted 05/15/2009 06:04 PM in Geek Stuff, Reviews, Work | Total Comments: (8)
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