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Subaru Stuff
Yeah, yeah, it's been ages since I've posted... work is just too busy and I'm too brain dead at night to go through my pictures or write stuff... either that or I'm too busy watching NetFlix On Demand.

But with Subaru's attempt to set at Guinness World Record for Largest Parade of Subaru Cars tomorrow, I've been cruising the Subaru forums.

Last year I talked about how fun it would be to snowboard with a Subaru. That same Subaru driver, up and coming American rally driver Ken Block, has a couple more interesting vids which I present for your viewing pleasure.

2007 Rally Highlights

Ken Block's Hit Gymkhana Training (watch for the Segway)

Gymkhana Two "Infomercial"

Ken Block Special on Top Gear

Posted 07/10/2009 09:17 PM in Cars, Chicago, Videos | Total Comments: (0)
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