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Map and Vids from TSSCC AutoX 8
Using MyTracks and GPS on my Google phone I recorded this week's AutoX at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL. You can view the map on Google Maps along with some annotations I made.

And with a cheap $30 camera mount I got on Amazon, I managed to get a few decent runs recorded. It was a rainy day and you can see lots of puddles in the vids. This was after a couple runs during Heat 1 so things started to dry out. Unfortunately, it started to pour during Heat 2 when I was working so I got pretty soaked running after cones (good thing I bought extra socks)!

When it was my turn to run again in Heat 3 it was still to wet so I couldn't take any more vids so you don't get to see me drifting through the slalom or spinning out. However, the big bummer of the day was that on my last run, I was feeling really good and didn't make any big mistakes. I was certain that it was my best run and that I had met my goal of the day but when I crossed the finish line, my time read 0:00 due to a timing error! I got a re-run but I spun out, so I'll never know if I managed to get a good time finally. :(

Posted 10/03/2009 07:22 PM in Cars, Geek Stuff, Videos | Total Comments: (0)
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