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God told me to buy a motorcycle
It started a couple months ago. I attended Willow Creek and Pastor Bill Hybels gave the 3rd sermon in the Simplify series where he talked about financial reconciliation. After service, he invited anyone who might have the gift of giving to attend a special meeting in the under-construction Care Center. There he talked about the gift of giving and gave us all a set of books to read.

The following week, a guest speaker, Robert Morris, gave the 4th Simplify sermon. It was a great sermon about giving God our first-fruits and how God blesses giving.

Then I went to Florida and conveniently forgot the last two weeks of sermons. I was itching to ride a motorcycle because the weather was so much nicer (i.e. not snowing). I started looking on Craig's List just to see what I could find.

Very quickly I found a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250 for a decent price. I texted the guy and arranged to see it in person that day. I was on the verge of making an offer, but then remembered the sermons and the importance of being a good steward with my money. Knowing my tendency to impulse buy things, I decided to sleep on it and get some counsel from friends.

I got a lot of advice: everything from "Go ahead, do it!" to "Maybe you should wait." It was then that I decided that I had to make sure I was financially reconciled. The first thing I did was start reading the books that Pastor Hybels had given me, starting with The Treasure Principle which I thought was very good. Next, I did my taxes, which was the first time I have ever done them in March (instead of the second week in April). Then, I did a review of my accounts and I realized that I had received some money that I had never tithed on.

I decided to set that tithe aside for the purpose of investing in God's Kingdom and started looking for good opportunities. Two immediately presented themselves, but they wouldn't be enough to use it all so I kept looking.

Meanwhile, I was still perusing Craig's List for deals just for fun (there were many that I passed up). Then the night before Easter, one listing stuck out. I don't even remember clicking on it before, but when I opened the browser on my phone it was there from a previous session. But this time, the post stuck out to me: "Selling my 99 GSX Katana 600 Need gone to support my mission trip overseas."

I was intrigued, but it was late at night, so I decided to sleep on it again. On Easter morning, I somehow felt that there was something special about this bike. I texted the owner saying I was interested, but also interested in his missions trip. While I was waiting for a response, a very clear thought came into my head. If this guy was legit, I would buy the bike AND donate to his mission trip.

After half an hour, the guy responded telling me the bike was still available and that he would be travelling to Indonesia in a week with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) to minister to people in the sex trafficking trade. We texted a bit more before I left for church and he seemed to be a genuine guy, so I arranged to meet him Monday night at the YWAM base in Jacksonville Beach. By this time, I knew in my heart what I was going to offer him.

That night, I met 19 year old Hunter and we hit it off right away. We ended up talking about God's calling in our lives before finally looking at the bike. I made him an offer on the bike, but then also offered to make a direct contribution to his missions trip on top of it. I think the most appropriate word for his reaction is, "flabergasted." We shook on it and had a deal.

On Tuesday, Hunter rode the bike to my hotel and we went to dinner and talked about our journeys through life and finding God. We also met up on Wednesday to visit the young adult service at Celebration Church and I got to meet a few of his mission teammates.

That was last week and now Hunter is in Indonesia. I haven't known him long, but it brings me joy to know I'm supporting God's work and I'm looking forward to see what God has planned for this young man. I know there's a reason that God orchestrated the sale of this motorcycle so I could contribute to the mission while bringing us together. There's no way these things could have all worked out so perfectly without God, and that's why I say that God told me to buy a motorcycle.
Posted 04/10/2013 10:35 PM in Christianity, Motorcycles, Ramblings | Total Comments: (32)
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