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Ok, well, I changed my mind about the Elantra. At least a little bit. The power is semi-decent if you keep the RPMs high enough. It seems that since it's an economy car it has exceptionally long/high gears. While most cars can only go about 60 mph in 2nd gear, the Elantra can go 70 so the key to having power is just keeping the rpms up. I found that driving on Lake Shore Drive in 2nd gear over 5000 works pretty well. And I was pleasantly surprised by the interior fit and trim which is actually decent, about the same level as my Accord or STi.

However, the horrible steering is still quite troublesome. There's no confidence on the highway when I need to switch lanes or fit through a small space and the suspension is so soft that it doesn't hold the car in turns at all. Even at lower speeds you feel like you're floating or sliding through a turn. There's one other annoying thing. Either the mirror is bent funny or it's purposely made convex but it's not smooth and distorts the reflection quite a bit, messing with my eyes. Weird...
Posted 11/26/2003 04:09 PM in Uncategorized | Total Comments: (0)
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