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Bible Study, Condo, Car Updates
A new bible study has started at church. Previously we had been meeting at Paul and Jina's but this year they are changing the format a little. Primarily, most of the groups will be moved to church instead of someone's house. This makes it difficult on the weekdays b/c it's a long commute to church. So I've joined the Sunday bible study and there's a lot of people I don't know so well, which is good. It should be a fun a group.

My only concern is... I can't remember the last time we actually studied the BIBLE in Bible Study. We seem to be doing a lot of book studies, which are good sometimes, but in the end, if we're not studying THE Book then reading as many other books as we want can misguide us or take our focus away from God. We'll see how it goes though.

I am one step closer to getting a house. I may have to pull some financial tricks to get it done but I've learned about more options. The big one is the 80/20 (or piggy back) loan. You take a 80% mortgage on your house to avoid PMI (mortgage insurance) and a home equity loan on the other 20%. No down payment necessary. Interest is higher, but the monthly payment is usually lower. There are risks and disadvantages but they are balanced against building equity in your own home instead of paying rent as well as tax benefits.

This way, I wont be dependent on my parents so much and I will be able to keep my savings and potentially pay off my car sooner, since that comprises a sizeable monthly bill. The other interesting development is that the unit (10A) directly under Ben (10B) went on the market yesterday. That is quite an interesting option...

The other thing that has been occupying my mind is the tuner equipment I ordered. It was created by a reputable Subaru tuner, TurboXS. It's called the User Tunable Engine Computer (UTEC) and is a piggyback Engine Control Unit (ECU) system. This means literally that it piggybacks to the top of the stock ECU and figuratively piggybacks (intercepts and modifies) the electric signals coming from and going to the engine from the ECU.

So far I've read about 150 pages of information on how to install and tune the UTEC. A stock STi, it should be good for about 20 extra HP using a conservative tune. Alas, I cannot do any serious tuning until I get the gauges and sensors to safely do so. Amazingly enough, all these gauges and sensors will cost at least twice as much as the UTEC so that's going to be a long time from now.

My favorite part is note on the cover page, "THE UTEC PROVIDES MORE THAN ENOUGH CONTROL FOR YOU TO DESTROY YOUR ENGINE!" Yee ha!
Posted 01/10/2005 02:06 PM in Cars, Christianity, DIY, Ramblings | Total Comments: (10)
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GBA tuner
Well, if I end up getting a cheap DS or SP somewhere, I could just give you my older GBA (with rechargeable battery grip) for use with a tuner package. Something to keep in mind. =)
Submitted by Dan on 01/10/2005 02:19 PM

What about taking a GBA and tuning it into a DS?
Submitted by Cliff on 01/10/2005 03:08 PM

handheld tuning
Well, there's always overclocking: http://www.ronin64.com/gba/gbaoverclock.html
Submitted by Dan on 01/10/2005 05:46 PM

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