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American Dodgeball Association of America
Saturday a bunch of people went to Yone's birthday at the Windy City Fieldhouse and played dodgeball. We had pretty good participation with up to 14 people on the field at a time.

There wasone time where I decided to run and dive for a ball and roll out of the way of any incoming balls. It didn't work and I was hit mid roll, which makes me think that in all those gun fights you see, running and rolling or diving for cover is a pretty bad idea. But I guess it looks good on film...

Anyway, I'm totally sore from sprinting for balls and throwing a lot... the worst is probably my quads because everytime I stand up or take the stairs I can feel it, but part of my back is sore too... Ah, the signs of age...
Posted 01/26/2009 09:22 AM in Excercise, Games
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Working Out
I went to the gym and worked out seriously for the first time in over a year. Sure, I've been a couple times this year for a run or something, but this time I spent a good hour hitting the weights. I was surprised to find that my overall strength hasn't declined much: I could still hit weights near my limits from a year ago.

Of course, something must have happened in all this time and I found that my endurance has taken quite a dive. Running for more than 15 minutes at a time is hard and the number of reps I could complete has also decreased. Unfortunately, the work schedule and facilities in Hartford aren't very conducive toward working out but perhaps I can make up for it on the weekends and at least keep things in balance.
Posted 08/24/2008 00:44 AM in Excercise, Ramblings
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Puzzling Muscle Pain
Sunday after church I hung out with Jina and Ashley and got to play with Chance. The other thing we did was work on a puzzle for several hours. All that stretching and leaning over the table to look at puzzle pieces and reaching across the table actually made my hamstrings slightly sore (a result of my recent couch potato lifestyle).

That got me thinking about jigsaw puzzles and how large they can be. A quick search resulted in this story of a Nevada man working on a 18,240 piece puzzle (for some reason I ignored the first result). This giant puzzle, along with a few others of the same size, can be found at Puzzle Warehouse.

Returning to the search results and picking the first link revealed the current Guiness World Record holder for largest puzzle (just over 14' x 5'). The homepage for the puzzle is suitably available at WorldsLargestPuzzle.com. The site provides links to stores that carry it, pictures and stories from various people who have completed it and even a guide on how to mount such a large item.

I'd like to work on such a puzzle but the price and size are major hurdles. Perhaps I'll try out the slightly smaller 3000 piece version. In the mean time, I decided to walk 20 blocks (round trip) from work in the 90 degree heat to the Chicago Architecture Foundation store to pick up a 750 piece Chicago Skyline panoramic puzzle. That was on Tuesday and I finished it already. :shrug:
Posted 07/18/2008 07:19 PM in Excercise, News, Ramblings, Who knew?
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