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SWAG from Subaru
So I went to three Subaru sponsored events (Guinness World Record attempt, Factory Tour, Subaru Challenge AutoX) this summer and came away with a good amount of SWAG. Here's a breakdown of what I received:
  • 3 Subaru Rally Team USA Posters
  • 3 Subaru Temporary Tattoos
  • 3 STi Temporary Tattoos
  • 2 Subaru Carabiners
  • 2 Subaru Chip Clips
  • 2 Guinness Work Record Koozies
  • 2 Subaru Baseball Caps
  • 2 Subaru Tote Bags
  • 1 STi Koozie
  • 1 Subaru Koozie
  • 1 STi Draw-String Bag
  • 1 Subaru Wooden Ruler
  • 1 Subaru Mini Fan with LEDs
  • 1 SIA Lip Balm
  • 1 Subaru Eco-Button (USB instant sleep button for PC)
  • 1 Subaru Card Holder with lanyard
  • 1 SIA 512MB USB Drive w/ soft copies of current product brochures
  • 1 STi T-Shirt
  • 1 Subaru Mechanical Pencil
Oh, I also received my certificate from Subaru for participating in the Guinness World Record for Largest Parade of Subaru Cars (339)
Posted 09/06/2009 10:38 PM in Cars, Ramblings, Sales & Deals
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Need fast Amazon shipping?
Thanks to my procrastinating, I had to sign up for a free one month trial of Amazon Prime, which means I get free two day shipping on most products sold by Amazon. If anyone wants free fast shipping for the next couple weeks, let me know...
Posted 12/17/2008 11:05 PM in Sales & Deals, Shopping
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Poyao told me about this deal at restaurant.com
Update on this great deal, they are offering a thanksgiving promotion that allows you to buy $25 gift certificates for participating restaurants for $3 instead of the usual $10.

Use Promo Code: Thanks
I already bought several gift certificates and will use them as a springboard to try out several restaurants that I've been interested in. Anyone interested in restaurant hopping with me, let me know.

As clarification, the promo code is for 70% off any GC amount and I do not know when it will expire.

Also note that there are restrictions: one GC per party per month, minimum orders, minimum gratuity and valid days of the week. Each restaurant and each GC may have it's own rules, so note the fine print and of course, you may want to check out on-line reviews for the restaurants beforehand. You must print the GCs, but when you create an account you can save them for later.

Posted 11/27/2008 01:52 PM in Food, Restaurants, Sales & Deals
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