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Disclaimer: Woodworking can be dangerous. You follow these instructions at your own risk. I can not take responsibility for any problems or injuries. This is a rough guide, not a complete step by step. If you decide to attempt this project, make sure you plan adequately and do not assume this guide is complete.

I wanted to add some storage space and spruce up my empty bathroom wall a bit so I put this towel rack together for the bathroom.

I recommend 2-3 days for this project. 1 for the wood work and 1-2 for the staining.


    click for a larger image
Here is the plan I used. It was based on this PDF plan from furnitureplans.com

Here is a template for the side brackets. I suggest you copy the image into Word (or Visio if you have it) and resize the image to match the rulers. Then you can print it full-size and tape it to a piece of wood and cut with a jig saw.  

When mounting the shelf, measure the distance between the keyholes, then draw a level line on your wall with the appropriate distance.  

Here is the shelf installed.  

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