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Disclaimer: Woodworking can be dangerous. You follow these instructions at your own risk. I can not take responsibility for any problems or injuries. This is a rough guide, not a complete step by step. If you decide to attempt this project, make sure you plan adequately and do not assume this guide is complete.

Forester Tray

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Over the years I've lost quite a bit of food due to my aggressive driving. High speed turns, sudden acceleration or braking has resulted in spilled drinks, spilled soup, lost cookies and various other mishaps. I suppose the easiest answer would be to drive a little more carefully when transporting things, but that's no fun.

In my Forester my trunk has a tray lining but it's a bit slippery and stuff tends to slide around so I decided to build an adjustable frame so that I could haul things around more safely.

So after finding a nice pile of low cost scrap wood, I broke out the mitre saw and put this frame together.  

I also broke out the router to put in some dados to make the frame adjustable with standard length slats.  

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