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While I have a decent sized kitchen, one thing I've always missed is a cabinet for cutting boards and cookie sheets. Sometimes in a kitchen there is one tall, thin cabinet with vertical dividers so you can store long items in it, but mine did not have it. So, I decided to put in my own. First I cut out the existing shelf.

Then I made tracks for the vertical panels at the top. The tracks were made out of 2x3's mounted across the cabinet, just below the drawer. Using my circular saw and working 1/8" at a time, I cut out 3/8" wide 3/4" deep grooves into the 2x3's (this would have been MUCH easier if I had a router). These were then screwed in and the vertical panels installed.


To secure the vertical panels at the bottom, scrap panels were cut to fit in between them and lay on the bottom, thereby securing them. It works pretty well and can be taken apart if needed.

I also trimmed out half circles from the panels so it would be easier to grab a board or tray and also sanded all the edges so you wouldn't scratch yourself when you did.


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