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 My Tool Shed

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Now that I moved into a place with a garage, I decided to build a tool closet so that I could store all my tools in one place out of the house but somewhat secure. It's not high security, but it should prevent petty thieves from waltzing in and stealing random tools (especially my DeWalt power tools... pricey!)  

Here's how it looks open. The previous owner built an additional step which you can see on the right. This step is REALLY ANNOYING. I'm not sure why it was put there, maybe to prevent cars from blocking the stair way or to prevent water and dirt from going down the stairs but all it really does is prevent my closet door from opening all the way, scrape the bottom of my bumper and reduce the space between the garage door and my car to about 2 inches. bleh. I took a hammer to it to try to let the door open more and was only partially successful. Oh well.

You can see my case of oil, my tool box, radio for entertainment, portable fluorescent light, jack and stands, circular saw, jig saw, socket set and power drill.

Here's a close-up of the tools on the door.  

Here's the other door with misc other tools and supplies.  

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