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Disclaimer: Woodworking can be dangerous. You follow these instructions at your own risk. I can not take responsibility for any problems or injuries. This is a rough guide, not a complete step by step. If you decide to attempt this project, make sure you plan adequately and do not assume this guide is complete.

In my dad's wine cellar there was a section of wall that would fit a horizontal wine shelf quite well, so I went ahead and put one together for him.


    click for a larger image
Here are the plans I put together for the shelf, custom fit for the space in my dad's cellar. Here are the detailed plans in Visio 2007

Here is a wood plan so I knew how many feet I had to purchase. We chose to use 1"x7" redwood, which is a dense pine similar to cedar but not as aromatic. Construction grade was $2.56 per linear foot. Clearheart, which has fewer knots, is over $5/lf so we elected to get construction grade and with proper planning I managed to cut around most of the knots.  

Using a router, I put dadoes (slots) into the long side pieces.

Here's a closer shot of the dadoes. You can see the pilot holes I drilled as well.  

Here are the actual shelves. I used a special crown moulding bit ($50 from MLCS) in my router to put a groove for the wine bottles to sit.  

I glued and nailed each of the shelves into the dadoes on the side pieces.  

Then I used straps to hold the shelves together while the glue dried. I could have used clamps if I had 3 footers, but I didn't.  

For the middle section, I did use clamps since I had 2 footers.  

For the base I simply used some cheap stud grade 2x4's to lift the shelves off the floor.  

Test fitting the first shelf.  

Here is the finished product installed with trim (ripped from 1"x7" redwood and finished with a roman ogee router bit)!  

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