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  Car Payment Calculator

When shopping for a car, it's hard to know all your payment options when you have to look up one option at a time based on possible loan terms and interest rates. Car salesmen are notorious for using this to their advantage by bargaining on monthly payments where they can hide trade-in values, loan terms and interest rates instead of giving you hard numbers

To avoid this, I like to see all my options on one page. I used to use a spreadsheet, but I decided to put this all on line for everyone's benefit. Based on basic financial information, my matrix will quickly show your monthly payment options for different loan lengths and interest rates.

Please fill out the form below.

Car Price* $ Down Payment $ * Include options, destination, warranty, etc.
** Title, License, Paperwork Fees, usually 300-500
*** Car Price x Sales Tax Rate
Fees** $ Trade-in Value $
Sales Tax Rate % Taxes*** Complete the form.

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