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Here's my two car garage. It's a decent size and if I arrange it correctly and park my cars correctly, I don't have to worry about dinging them by accident. But sometimes my passengers have to get out before I park. Oh well, sucks to be them.   

I put in a 4'x4' peg board by mounting 4'x1"x2" supports directly into the wall using either drywall anchors or long screws into the studs. Then I screwed the peg boards to the supports.   

To make some extra room, I got a wall rack from Ikea. I guess those Swedes have different standards or the Ikea people didn't put much thought into them, but if you line up one hole with a stud, none of the others will line up. To be safe, I drilled an extra hole to make sure the rack was supported by two studs, as well as dry wall anchors for the other holes. This gets my bike and some other tools off the ground so I can cram my two cars in there.   

Here's what the whole garage looks like so far after the upgrades.   

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