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Here's what my kitchen looked like before I moved in from the sink. I liked the kitchen because it's nice and big with an island and it opens into the dining area.   

Here's another view from the door to the garage.   

And a picture from the dining area.   

I decided to upgrade the kitchen by installing a pot rack and track lighting. Here is a layout of the kitchen that I put together to plan the upgrades.   

In order to hang the pot rack, I had to use special drywall anchors since I couldn't find the studs in my double-thickness drywall ceiling. A regular anchor creates a wedge in a hole but that can't hold as much weight. Toggle bolts either expand or have a cross bar that flips down behind the drywall. Here you can see the ones I used which expand to create a large cross shaped support. These can support 50 pounds each. These also accept 1/4" bolts, which means a 1/4" eye hook will fit, and that's exactly what I used.   

Off the eye hooks I could hang s-hooks and connect the chains for the pot rack. Here's what the installed pot rack looks like.   

The track lighting was easier b/c they are not as heavy so I could use regular drywall screws. The tricky part was holding up the tracks to the ceiling. Help from Ben made this possible.   

One thing I was surprised at was that my kitchen didn't have any storage space for cutting boards and cookie sheets. The one cabinet that would have been perfect had a shelf running through it which prevents larger boards form fitting.

Here you can see that cabinet, which I decided to upgrade. I've already cut out the shelf in this picture.

With the shelf removed, I installed vertical separators and added some cutouts and sanded all the edges so you can easily get what you need without scratching yourself. I'm quite happy with it.   

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