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Butter Cream Frosting

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Source: Allrecipes.com
Yield: 2 Cups
Serving Size: 1/4 cup
Servings: 8

This recipe was based on Allrecipes.com's Butter Cream Frosting II. This is a simplified butter cream that does not include eggs, as opposed to a traditional one such as the Butter Cream recipe at CookingForEngineers.com. This would be great for frosting a cake and you can customize it with different flavors by replacing the milk with a liqueur of your choice.

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Cream the butter by mixing it for a couple minutes until smooth and fluffy.


Add in half of the sugar and continue mixing.


Add in the vanilla and milk or liqueur and continue mixing.  

Add the rest of the sugar and continue mixing, making sure to scrape the bowl.  

When you're done, the frosting should be smooth.

Use the frosting to make a cake, such as a Black Forest Cake.

Or if you'd like, you can dye it with food coloring.  

Make a pastry bag out of an inside out zip top bag.

They're easier to fill if you turn them inside out and put them in a holder.

You can put a pastry tip in now (before the frosting) or if you just need a plain hole, you can cut a corner off later.

Then simply transfer the frosting to the bag.  

Refrigerate if you're not using it right away.  

And have fun decorating! Happy 4th of July!  

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