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Fish and Peppers Papillote

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Source: Mom
Yield: 4 Filets
Serving Size: 1 Filet
Servings: 4

This is a simple and easy fish dish. The only ingredients are fish (any white flakey fish is fine), veggies and some seasonings. Very healthy but very tasty.

For simplicity sake, you can use italian dressing instead, though prepared dressings are usually high in fat and calories. You could also use white wine or cider vinegar for a slightly brighter taste and appearance.

You can substitute any vegetables you'd like. This recipe has a lot of veggies so feel free to remove a vegetable or two.

One change I made from my mom's recipe is the Papillote, which is a parchment pouch that helps the fish steam in the oven and makes clean-up much easier.

Ingredient Amount Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Prot (g)
1 Teaspoon to taste 0 0 0 0
Pepper, Yellow Bell
1 diced to 1/4" 41 0.3 0 0
Pepper, Red Bell
1 diced to 1/4" 43 0.5 9.9 1.6
Oregano, Dried
0.5 Teaspoon 2 0 0 0
4 Filet (12 oz. total) 396 4 0 0
Pepper, Black
1 Teaspoon to taste 5 0.1 0 0
Vinegar, Balsamic
2 Tablespoon 20 0 0 0
Onion, raw
1 diced to 1/4" 46 0.1 11.1 1
Pepper, Green Bell
1 diced to 1/4" 33 0.3 7.6 1.4
Basil, Dried
0.5 Teaspoon 1 0 0 0
Total: 587 5.3 28.6 4
Per Serving: 147 1.3 7.2 1


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First prepare the pouches. Unroll some parchment paper then fold over one corner to create a right triangle, then cut the triangle off. The result is that you will have a large square.


The goal is to end up with a circle of parchment. Fold the triangle in half again (around the center point) and then one more time. Cut the longer points off so the distance form the center point is consistant.  

The result will be a circle. Use one pouch per serving, so you'll need four pouches, though you can fit it into two if you wish.

At this point, pre-heat your oven to 350.

Chop your veggies, then season with the vinegar, basil, oregano and half the salt and pepper. Toss to distribute the seasonings.  

Rinse the fish and blot dry with a paper towel.

Grab one of the parchment circles and put down a base of the vegetables on one side of the center crease.

Place your fish on top of the veggies.


Top the fish with more veggies.  

Fold the parchment in half over the food.

To seal the pouch, start on one end and fold over the edge at a 90 degree angle from the crease.

Fold it over a second time to make a good seal.

For the second fold, start at the half-way point of the first fold and fold it over once.

Continue folding all around until you get to the end.

The last fold will hang over a little. Simply fold this under the pouch.

Place the parchment onto a baking sheet (to ease clean-up, you can line it with foil since some of the liquids may leech through the parchment).

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

To check if your fish is done, use a small knife to cut open the parchment and make sure the fish is white and flakey.

If you lined your baking sheet, simply toss out the liner and it's clean!

If it's done you can tear open the pouch and transfer the contents to a plate.

- OR -

Simply transfer the pouch to a plate and allow your guests to open the pouch themselves.

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