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hite Chocolate Fruit Napoleons

I based this on recipes provided by Mark Tachman of 411 West Restaurant in Chapel Hill, but I've made some major changes.

You can use any fruit you like. For lychee, I used canned fruit and used the syrup from the can. For a berry version, I used fresh rasberries for the fruit and some homemade strawberry syrup for the flavoring. Feel free to experiment with whatever fruit you choose.

You can make all the components in advance, then assemble them when you're ready to serve them.

Makes 24 2"x2" servings Cals Fat (g)
Fruit Cream
1 Tbsp Gelatin 22 0.0
1/4 Cup Water 0 0.0
3 Egg Yolks 164 13.5
1/4 Cup Sugar 220 0.0
1/4 Cup Cream 206 22.0
1/2 Cup Fruit 123 0.0
1/2 Cup Fruit Syrup 245 0.0
3/4 Cup Heavy Cream 616 66.0
White Chocolate Mousse
12 Oz White Chocolate 1920 108.0
1/4 Cup Cream 206 22
3 Egg Whites 51 0.2
3/4 Cup Heavy Cream 616 66
Pastry Squares
2 Sheets store bought Puff Pastry 2040 132.0
1/2 Egg Yolk 28 2.3
1 Tbsp Water 0 0.0
Sugar for sprinkling (~1 Tbsp) 33 0.0

Per Serving    

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First the Lychee Cream since it needs to set the longest.

Heat 1/4 cup cream and 1/2 cup of the fruit syrup over low heat in a small heavy bottom sauce pan to avoid burning.

While the syrup is heating, sprinkle the gelatin over the water and let it sit so that the gelatin blooms.

Mix together the egg yolks and sugar.

When the lychee syrup is hot to the touch, turn off the heat. Do not let it simmer or boil. If it does, let it cool a few minutes.

Slowly add 1/3 of the hot lychee syrup into the egg yolks, mixing so as not to curdle the eggs.

Then add the syrup/egg mixture back in with the rest of the syrup/egg mixture. Mix until incorporated.

Continue to heat the mixture, stirring constantly until it thickens. Remove it from the heat. Do not let it boil.

Add the bloomed gelatin to the syrup/egg mixture, stirring until the gelatin is dissolved.

Drain the lychee fruits and chop half of them, reserving the rest for garnish.

Mix the chopped fruit into the milk/egg mixture then allow it to cool.

I forgot this step so I'll had to sprinkle the fruits onto the top of the cream later.

Whip the cream to soft peaks.

When the milk/egg mixture is cool but not set, gently stir in 1/3 of the whipped cream.

Fold the mixture into the rest of the whipped cream.  

Pour the mixture into a baking pan and chill until set (at least 4 hours).  

Since I forgot to mix the fruit in earlier, I had to sprinkle the fruits on top of the bavarian cream and push it in.  

Next the mousse.

Prepare a double boiler and melt the white chocolate with the cream, stirring until smooth.

Set aside to cool.

Whip the egg whites to soft peaks in a large bowl. We'll do these first since egg whites need to be in an oil free bowl.

Gently stir 1/3 of the egg whites into the cooled chocolate.

Pour the chocolate mixture into the rest of the egg whites, folding in gently until mostly incorporated.

It doesn't have to be well mixed yet since we are going to fold in the cream next.

Whip the cream to soft peaks. You can use the same bowl that you whipped the whites in.

Fold the cream into the chocolate/egg mixture, 1/3 at a time until mostly incorporated.

The mousse doesn't have to be perfectly incorporated. It's actually a little bit cool to find a pocket of whipped cream in your dessert.

Refrigerate the mousse until firm.

The last component is the pastry squares. Defrost them according to the package directions.

Trim the edges of the sheet with a sharp knife to allow the pastry to rise better.

Mix the egg yolk and water.

Lighly brush the egg wash on the top of the pastry.

Score the top of the pastry if desired.

Sprinkle with sugar.

Cut the sheet into 12 squares.

Place the squares onty a parchment lined baking sheet and bake according to package directions until golden.

When the squares are done, allow them to cool.

Split the squares halfway through the layers.

Cut the bavarian cream into squares that will fit the pastry.  

Place the bavarian cream on the bottom half of the pastry squares.  

Spoon the mousse on top of the Fruit Cream, then cover with the top half of the pastry squares.  

Here is the Berry Bavarian that I made (strawberry cream with rasberries). The pastries are halved since I was making it for a lot of people.  

For garnish, toss extra fruits, perhaps with some others, with a few teaspoons of sugar syrup (2 parts sugar boiled in 1 part water).

Use the fruits as garnish for the pastries. You can also use some fruit syrup for decoration.

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