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I decided to put together my own mini reubens with my homemade corned beef and sauerkraut.

This is going to be a hot pressed sandwich (like a panini) so heat up some cast iron skillets or a couple heavy pans (you'll need cast iron or anodized aluminum to hold enough heat) or some fireplace bricks wrapped in heavy foil. I'd recommend heating them over low heat for at least 10 minutes while you prepare the sandwiches, then you can boost the heat when you're almost ready.


Here you can see that I've piled up the corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss cheese on top of mini rye bread that has been spread with thousand island dressing (it should be Russian dressing, but they are very similar).


I like to put down silicone coated non-stick aluminum foil so that I don't have to clean my skillets afterwards.

Turn off the heat for the bottom skillet (if using a pan you may want to flip it upside down so you're cooking on the bottom).

Arrange your assembled sandwiches over your skillet and place another piece of foil on top.


Turn off the heat for the other skillet or pan and place it on top of the sandwiches to weigh them down and heat them from above.

You may want to get another pan to add a little more weight and you can also use it to balance the whole construct.

No additional heat is necessary so make sure everything is off. In about 5 minutes your sandwiches will be done.

You may hear some sizzling as cheese melts off or sauerkraut falls to the side.

Serve while hot!  

Here's a close up of one sandwich.

I felt that my sauerkraut wasn't sour enough, otherwise the sandwiches turned out pretty well.

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