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Nutrition Archive for 01/2018

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No nutrition info found for the selected date.

Monthly Summary

Total Calories 0
Total Fat g 0
Total Cholesterol mg
Total Carb g
Total Prot g
Days In Month 0

Average Calories 0
Average Fat g 0 (0%)*
Average Cholesterol mg 0 (0%)*
Average Carb g 0 (0%)*
Average Prot g 0 (0%)*
* Percentages are based on RDA values for a 2000 Calorie diet, as listed here:
Total Fat 65 g
Total Cholesterol 300 mg
Carbohydrates 300 g
Protein 50 g

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Personal Day of Death

According to The Death Clock, my personal day of death is:

RDA for Calories

Use About.com's Calorie Calculator to determine how many Calories you can consume (guidelines only, everyone is different). Here is the Men's Calculator and Women's Calculator.

My results:

To gain one pound per week without exercise: 3046

To maintain weight without exercise: 2546

To maintain weight with 30 minutes exercise: 2783

To maintain weight with 60 minutes exercise: 3085

To slowly lose weight without exercise: 2502

To slowly lose weight with 30 minutes exercise: 2735

To slowly lose weight with 60 minutes exercise: 3031

To lose one pound per week without exercise: 2046

*Calorie counts are an average, you may need to adjust your calorie needs up or down slightly to get the results you want.

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